The Popularity of Theme Crosswords

"Myles Mellor is one of the most prolific crossword writers in the world. He publishes over 100 crosswords a month and has published over 6000 crosswords. His theme crosswords are widely used by editors and publishers in print and online and his credits include: Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, Coastal Living, Discovery, Planet Green, Turner TV website, Financial Executive International, Orange Coast, The Genome Society, Advancing Philanthropy, American Airlines, Council on Foreign Relations, Entrepreneur, Oracle, IBM, NASDAQ, Camping World, SpeedTV and hundreds more. Click here for the full list of credits.

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Custom crosswords supplied to match issue themes. Every crossword is tailor-made to the readers? interests. Publishers can supply terms and phrases for use in the crosswords . Glossaries are also used to ensure crosswords are on topic. Each crossword has a large proportion of words on the required theme. These crosswords use industry buzz words and cutting edge technologies so they are fresh and current. One recommendation is to use the crossword in the print issue and print the solution on the website to encourage web traffic. Theme crosswords and custom crosswords of any kind are quoted individually based on circulation and the amount of research involved.

Archived content is available for regional and local magazine publishers looking for crosswords relating to holidays and general themes such as health, entertainment, finance, home design, etc which are available at discounted rate.

Magazine websites can also run themed interactive crosswords as described in the next section.

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Myles Mellor and his technical partner Bob Williams from have developed elegant and sophisticated interactive theme crosswords which are now available. These are solvable online and include a hint feature to help solvers. These have been running in a wide range of outlets including

SpeedTV, Woodworking Journal, Radiology Society of North America, The Real Deal, Accountingweb, Laser Focus World, Coastal Living, Planet Green, Turner TV?s site, Time Inc?s My new home ideas website and many more with success in terms of visitor engagement and interest.

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Myles Mellor crosswords supplies newspapers with syndicated daily crosswords, Sunday crosswords and a new feature, Diamond crosswords TM (described more fully below). These are available in both print and interactive formats.

Crosswords supplied are regular crosswords as those appearing in the NY Times, easy crosswords, or specially tailored crosswords that include local personalities, businesses and attractions. These are becoming increasingly popular with newspaper publishers around the US.

Also available are sudokus, word searches and anagrams.

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Crosswords for ad agencies and advertising:

In 2009, MasterCard set a new trend publishing a crossword, word search and Sudoku in full newspaper page size as part of promoting its Paypass credit card. These crossword ads ran in the Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun and Calgary Herald. The crossword grid filled a full page and had 682 clues. This campaign was run through MasterCard?s agency, McLaren McCann. Myles Mellor Crosswords produced all the puzzles for this campaign. The ?Samurai Sudoku? was produced in partnership with veteran game developer, Bob Williams. These puzzles were awarded an Advertising Gold Award by the Canadian Newspaper Association in 2010.

Crosswords based on themes and with special shapes are available to ad agencies and advertisers for campaigns. Interactive crosswords can be used for this purpose as well.

Further information on this service and its possibilities are covered at

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Trade Shows:

Myles Mellor Crosswords have been used for many years by major companies for use as part of conference entertainment and education. These crosswords cover the theme of the conference and local attractions relating to the conference city as well as being used as ?knowledge tests?.


Myles Mellor Crosswords have been used for educational purposes on a number of occasions. They have been used for an exam at the Texas A&M Sociology Department. Other examples were crosswords which contained the words used in the Spelling Bees so that kids involved in those contests would understand the words they were learning how to spell. Crosswords are available for children of all age groups and for educational establishments on request.

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Diamond Crosswords™:

Diamond Crosswords™ were developed by Myles Mellor, top puzzle creator and partner, David Hoyt and Veteran developer, Bob Williams ( See this link to see what this product looks like

Diamond Crosswords™ are available for print syndication and for use by newspapers and publications requiring them.

Diamond Crosswords™ will also be released as a board game in 2011 by GameDevCo Ltd. Toronto, Canada. Full details of diamond crosswords TM including agent information are available at

Three Diamond Crossword™ books have been published in 2011 and are available at and at any Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Custom Crosswords:

Myles Mellor creates custom crosswords for birthdays, celebrations, weddings and even marriage proposals. In fact three couples so far have proposed through Myles' custom crosswords.

Custom crossword puzzles are a great way of providing fun and entertainment to the family.

You can provide relevant information and places and people of importance to your family members and we will provide you a custom crossword which contains these references.

Media interviews:

To book a media interview with Myles Mellor please contact Debby Fleming at 818 890 8065.

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About the Author

Picture of Myles Mellor

Myles Mellor is a full-time professional crossword puzzle writer who is internationally published and one of the most successful puzzle writers in America today. Currently publishing 80 crossword puzzles per month, reaching over 2 million people, his work has delighted and intrigued the readers of over 1,000 magazines, newspapers and websites.

His specialty is crossword puzzles written on themes for magazines but he also writes regular puzzles for newspapers and can produce almost all the different types of crossword puzzle.

He has written for trade magazines, conferences, magazine contests and business, health, entertainment magazines. For a full list of credits click here. He has produced crossword puzzles on a very large selection of subjects from technical computer technology to lighthouses and financial subjects.

His humor and ingenuity has continued to please his fans and crossword competitions based on his work have attracted considerable reader interest.

His theme crossword puzzles have been used to boost advertising revenues in magazines using his services. Click here for examples.

He has published 8 books of crosswords distributed through Books a Million bookstores. He also has a very popular series of crossword books being sold for use on the Amazon Kindle device in partnership with the Puzux development group.

In 2011, he published 3 Easy Diamond Crosswords tm books through which are sold nationally in Barnes and Noble stores. 2011 will also see publication of four other crossword books through Bendon Publishing.