Valued Clients Myles has written crossword puzzles for the America's Community Bankers conferences covering themes relating to banking and the conference locations. Myles wrote a series of crossword puzzles for The Daily and The Daily Mini- 2 exclusive New York fashion magazines under the ownership of IMG publications Myles writes regular crossword puzzles for the prestigious Wealth Manager magazine which provides information to executives and consultants in the wealth management business. The luxury watch magazine International Watch publishes a regular crossword puzzle from Myles which is a reader's contest. Watches are regularly awarded to winners. Ability Magazine describes real life for people with disabilities and promotes their support. Myles' crosswords are published there monthly. Myles writes regular finance crossword puzzles for Financial Executive International, the premier magazine for CFO's internationally Myles has written many history based crossword puzzles for the History Channel's magazine, History Alive. 002 Houston magazine is a fun magazine that covers the local region of Houston and attractions and events in the area. Myles crossword puzzles are published there monthly covering the magazine's themes. The American Management Association has published one of Myles' crosswords as an educational and fun puzzle for their readers. The American Payroll Association has started publishing Myles' puzzles on payroll related themes: Auto Atlantic is a Canadian auto servicing magazine published in Nova Scotia. It holds a monthly competition using Myles' crosswords Beauty Business is a trade magazine for beauty business professionals. This magazine has published a number of Myles' crosswords about the industry. Myles supplies Bluff magazine with poker related crossword puzzles. This company is the largest European and international poker magazine Boca Magazine commissioned one of Myles' crossword puzzles on local area themes. This is a high end luxury magazine covering the Boca Raton areas of Florida. Driving Force is a magazine dedicated to coverage of the trucking industry. Myles produces a regular puzzle to entertain trucking professionals and truckers alike. Campus Technology is one of the leading publications for IT executives and personnel developing new technology in colleges and universities nationally. Myles is producing regular puzzles with both an educational and fun purpose. Myles published a luxury jewelry crossword puzzle for Accent, the magazine of Hamilton Jewelers.
  Odyssey Couleur is a fabulous travel magazine for African American ladies and Latinas. Myles writes crossword puzzles regularly for the magazine covering exotic locations such as Egypt. Myles has published crossword puzzles for the well-known bike magazine "Road Bike" Myles produced a niche crossword puzzle for Dodge Viper magazine, custom made to these great cars. Myles has published technical puzzles for SAP Net Weaver" covering the latest SAP tech breakthroughs. For several years Myles has published a theme crossword for the 9-1-1 magazine which services 9-1-1 executives, personnel and suppliers. Myles crossword puzzles were featured in Southern Bride- a romantic magazine for brides to be and their mothers! Myles has written sports crossword puzzles for the luxury lifestyle magazine for top sportsmen, "OT" (Overtime). Myles writes regular crossword puzzles for Nutraceuticals World, a mainline magazine for the nutraceuticals industry Myles writes regular crossword puzzles for The American Fastener Journal, a trade magazine supplying industry information to suppliers and consumers of fasteners ofall kinds. The crossword features words such as "a nutty problem..." We are all concerned about the environment and preserving it. Myles has written a crossword for a technical and very beautiful magazine that champions this subject: Frontiers in Ecology- a magazine produced by the Ecological Society of America. Myles regularly writes health crossword puzzles for Energy Times, a leading health publication based in New York. Myles writes numerous entertainment crossword puzzles. Recently these include puzzles for Inside Entertainment, Gulf News E-plus, and a Chicago-based entertainment magazine called Insider West. Myles write a theme crossword puzzle for Vibe's year en round up for 2007, published January 2008. Myles wrote three theme crossword puzzles as promotional items for Land's End's popular clothing products Myles has worked with this prestigious PR and advertising firm providing custom crossword puzzles for clients. Myles writes a monthly technology crossword puzzle for this cutting-edge publication on educational technology developments Myles writes a monthly theme crossword puzzle for this trade magazine devoted to the nutraceuticals industry
Alberta Game Warden: Myles provides theme crossword puzzles for Canadian game wardens, specializing in Alberta's varied wild life and its protection. Myles writes theme crossword puzzles for this magazine which delivers training in seafaring Myles writes theme crossword puzzles monthly celebrating the fine work done by those who man and run the phone lines for emergency calls Myles writes theme crossword puzzles for the nation's #1 shotgun magazine. Myles writes regular theme crossword puzzles relating to auto dealers and all auto brands Myles Mellor Theme Crosswords has contracted with Tribune and Tribune Media Services to produce theme crosswords as well as diagramless and cryptogram puzzles on a weekly basis. Myles supplies monthly theme crossword puzzles to this trade magazine catering to the the jewelers of the south.
Banking New York magazine Myles writes regular puzzles for this publication addressing the needs and interests of the banking community of New York state. Myles writes theme crossword puzzles celebrating the achievements of top players for this popular magazine found in casinos all over the nation. Myles has contributed theme crossword puzzles for many years to this magazine championing opportunities for Hispanic people in higher education. Myles provides regular theme crossword puzzles for this extensive source of information for payroll and HR professionals.
Homes Magazine Canada Myles provides regular monthly theme crossword puzzles for this premier publication promoting new Toronto homes Myles provides monthl "truckers' puzzles" for this comprehensive trade magazine for the trucking industry.
Highways magazine Myles writes theme crossword puzzles to the largest RV magazine and club in America Myles contributes theme crossword puzzles to this major camping magazine covering all aspects of camping and camp grounds Myles has contracted to provide theme crossword puzzles for the Parks and Recreation Business and Camping Business, covering the trade aspects of park and recreation and camping technologies. Myles provides regular theme crosswords to this excellent magazine which covers school bus safety, maintenance, fuel efficiency and environmental impact improvements. Myles writes theme crossword puzzles for the California Mining Journal which covers gold and metal mining breakthroughs across California. Myles writes regular custom crossword puzzles for this key magazine for the locksmith trade Myles contributes a monthly custom crossword puzzle for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and NASA which cover the progress of space exploration and aeronautical technological advances. Myles writes custom crossword puzzles monthly for this elegant magazine covering events and attractions and people of Long Island. Myles writes monthly custom crossword puzzles for "Celebration", a planned community built originally by Disney, which provides an idyllic lifestyle for families living there. Myles supplies monthly custom crossword puzzles to this informative travel magazine which gives worldwide travelers useful tips and vacation suggestions. Myles writes theme crossword puzzles relating to clay and skeet competitions and improving shooting scores and performance. Myles writes theme crossword puzzles for the Professional Surveyor Magazine covering the latest surveying technologies and innovations Myles writes theme crossword puzzles for the Wisconsin Counties publication covering state political and administrative processes Myles writes theme crossword puzzles for the B.C. Notaries organization in Canada. Myles writes sailing theme crossword puzzles for this magazine devoted to sailing enthusiasts in the north-west. is featuring Myles' crosswords on a weekly basis. is a site with all the cutting edge information on new internet technologies, the startups creating them and the VC's that fund them. Myles composed the first crossword featuring Linux software terminology. Myles is providing crossword to this permier HR and recruiting site.
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America's Community Bankers
International Watch
The Meeting Professional International
The Desert Magazine
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