Personal Crosswords
for Weddings, Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Proposals, etc.

Myles is the only crossword puzzle writer (known to the writer) to have produced a crossword puzzle which was used as a wedding proposal. See story about this - click here. The crossword puzzle will be a framed remembrance of a high point in these two people's lives.

Here is a testimonial from a recent customer:

Hi Myles,

It went very well-it was hard too as he was not clued in to the theme yet. At first he thought it a lot of coincidence as we have had a lot of that in our relationship . I've learned a lot about clues now , so should I ever do this again , it will be a lot smoother. He was very moved by the thought, time and effort behind the gift , so that was my goal. I thank you for helping me to accomplish this. Your check is in the mail.

I just heard- he is framing the puzzle so he must have liked it a lot.

Thanks again, Lilly

Myles has produced several puzzles for individuals as Valentines Day messages or as "love puzzles".

To help create personal puzzles like this, obviously you will need to send Myles information to construct the puzzle - such as favorite date spots, cars, where first met, favorite songs etc. etc. These can be very exciting and very fun.

Read a story here.

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