Syndicated Crossword Puzzles for Newspapers

Any newspaper publisher today is well aware of the cost of content. Cutting that cost, while still getting high quality content, is a very desirable goal.

The Problems:

  • You don't have a crossword puzzle and would like to add a low cost, high quality puzzle that you can trust.
  • You have a crossword puzzle but it is not high quality and/or is costing too much, and/or...
  • Large syndicates have raised their Sunday crossword puzzle rates to very high levels.

The Solution:

Theme Crosswords now supplies high quality daily and Sunday puzzles to newspapers at well below market rates.

Every Theme Crosswords newspaper puzzle is edited by a professional editor to ensure the highest quality.

Rigorously Tested

In 2009, Theme Crosswords passed a rigorous quality test from the Page Cooperative, a large group of independent newspapers who select the best suppliers for their members.

Myles Mellor Theme Crosswords was approved as a Page supplier and Page members get an additional 20% off existing prices. But even if you are not a Page member you can still take advantage of this opportunity and get great puzzles at great rates.

High Quality Puzzles

Myles Mellor Theme Crosswords regularly supplies over 120 newspapers, websites and magazines with crossword puzzles.


Samples of high quality puzzles can be viewed on these links:

- Sample Daily Puzzle #1
- Sample Daily Puzzle #2
- Sample Sunday Puzzle

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The History Channel magazine
America's Community Bankers
International Watch
The Meeting Professional International
The Desert Magazine
Orange Coast
Gannett Press
American Airlines Eagle magazine
Computer World
Wall Street Letter
Financial Executive International
America's Community Bankers
Banking New York
Wealth Management
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IT World Canada
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and many more...